Revolutionizing Relief from Bruxism

Discover a smarter, more supportive solution for Bruxism with Brux Aware.

Natalia Watson

Developing a comprehensive digital presence to combat Bruxism.

Brux Aware needed a robust online platform and strategic SEO content to highlight their innovative approach to Bruxism relief. The project aimed to create a user-friendly website and engaging content that educates sufferers about long-term solutions, promoting both the mouth guard and the supportive mobile app.


Building a dynamic website and crafting SEO-optimized content to raise awareness.

Our mission was to develop a highly functional website that showcases Brux Aware’s unique mouth guard and app. By integrating SEO strategies, we aimed to increase online visibility, attract sufferers of Bruxism, and foster a community committed to finding long-term relief through biofeedback and behavioral insights.


Enhanced online visibility and user engagement with a smart, informative platform.

The newly developed website features a clean, intuitive design that highlights the benefits of Brux Aware’s solutions. Our SEO-optimized content has significantly improved search engine rankings, driving more traffic to the site. Users now have access to valuable resources, daily insights, and a supportive community, all contributing to a reduction in Bruxism symptoms.

Empowering people with smarter solutions for pain-free living!

Empowering people with smarter solutions for pain-free living!

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