Luff Sleep

Transforming Sleep, Transforming Lives

An extraordinary adventure from a humble floor to the finest beds in the world.

Stephen Goknel

Elevating a premium sleep brand through sophisticated UI/UX design and compelling email marketing.

Luff Sleep, founded by British sleep guru Stephen Goknel, sought a digital presence that reflected their commitment to quality sleep and well-being. The project required a design that highlighted their exceptional products, sustainable practices, and unique brand story, while also implementing an email marketing strategy to engage and convert potential customers.


Creating a digital experience that embodies the luxury and innovation of Luff Sleep.

Our mission was to design a user-friendly, visually appealing website that showcases Luff Sleep’s award-winning products and compelling brand narrative. Additionally, we aimed to develop an email marketing campaign that communicates the brand’s values, promotes their products, and drives customer loyalty and engagement.


A captivating digital presence and effective email campaigns that drive engagement and sales.

The new Luff Sleep website features an elegant design that seamlessly integrates their story of resilience and dedication with their innovative product offerings. The user-centric UI/UX design ensures a smooth browsing experience, while detailed product pages highlight the unique benefits of their bamboo-based materials and advanced sleep technology.

Our email marketing campaigns are tailored to nurture potential customers, providing valuable insights into the benefits of Luff Sleep products, exclusive offers, and updates. These campaigns have seen increased open rates and customer engagement, leading to a boost in online sales and brand loyalty.

A remarkable journey to make the world a better place, one sleep at a time.

A remarkable journey to make the world a better place, one sleep at a time.

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