Authentic Indian and Pakistani Cuisine in Tokyo

Experience the gentle, home-cooked flavors of India and the rich culinary heritage of Pakistan.

Shakir Khan

Developing an engaging digital presence to showcase a rich culinary heritage.

Nawab needed a comprehensive website and SEO strategy to effectively communicate their unique blend of Indian and Pakistani cuisines to a diverse audience. The project required a user-friendly design that highlights their extensive menu, storied history, and cultural significance, while also driving online visibility and engagement.


Creating an informative, visually appealing website to enhance online presence and attract food enthusiasts.

Our mission was to build a modern, accessible website that showcases Nawab’s culinary offerings and rich history. The site needed to offer detailed menu descriptions, engaging content about the restaurant’s origins and evolution, and an optimized SEO strategy to improve search engine rankings and attract more visitors.


A vibrant, user-friendly website that celebrates Nawab's culinary journey and enhances customer engagement.

The new Nawab website features a sleek design that captures the essence of their authentic Indian and Pakistani cuisine. Enhanced with high-quality images, detailed menu items, and engaging content, the site provides an immersive experience for visitors. The SEO strategy has significantly improved online visibility, resulting in increased web traffic and customer interest.

Savor the flavors that tell a story of tradition.

Savor the flavors that tell a story of tradition.

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