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Daniel Li

Expanding from Mobile Facial Services to a Leading Online Skincare Store

Singapore Home Skin Care faced the challenge of transitioning from a mobile facial service to a comprehensive online skincare shop. The goal was to build a robust digital platform that effectively showcases their curated selection of professional salon brands, ensuring a seamless shopping experience that resonates with their discerning clientele.


Developing a User-Friendly E-commerce Platform and Boosting Online Visibility

Our objective was to create an intuitive and aesthetically pleasing website that highlights the premium skincare products offered by Singapore Home Skin Care. Additionally, we aimed to enhance their online presence through effective SEO strategies and compelling content, driving traffic and engagement to their new e-commerce platform.


A High-Performing E-commerce Site with Increased Traffic and Sales

The newly developed website for Singapore Home Skin Care offers a seamless user experience, with an easy-to-navigate layout and engaging content that showcases their professional salon brands. Our SEO efforts have significantly improved the site’s search engine rankings, leading to a surge in organic traffic. This comprehensive digital transformation has resulted in higher customer engagement and a notable increase in sales, solidifying Singapore Home Skin Care’s position as a leading online skincare retailer.

Bringing the luxury of salon-quality skincare to your home has been an incredible journey!

Bringing the luxury of salon-quality skincare to your home has been an incredible journey!

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